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Indulge in any of the following treatments including Tarot card readings~ Reiki therapy~ Chakra realignment~ Crystal healing~ Soul healing ~ Aura purification

  • Reiki Healing - Used for stress reduction and relaxation, also promotes spiritual healing to the mind body and soul
  • Ayurvedic Healing- Healing of the mind body and senses providing guidance
  • Marma Therapy - Therapy used for strength and wisdom
  • Hirodhara - Healing of the head, providing clarity
  • Panchakarma - Removal of rooted stress - negative impurities and provides spiritual balance
  • Alhyanga - A warm oil healing through the hands to remove negativity
  • Chakra Alignment - Alignment of the energies and nervous system
  • Reflexology - Removal of negativity and stress from the feet
  • Maya Abdominal Therapy - Spiritual healing to restore the body to its natural balance through the stomach.
Our Selection Of Readings
  • Tarot Cards ~ This reading will provide you with a 6 month ~ 1 year prediction with details about you're future. this reading will answer all questions you may have and give you pin point advice and guide you to the journey that is meant for you
  • Psychic readings ~ this reading is a skilled reading with information that comes from you're heart and will allow the healer to see through you're energy to pick up on all things going on in ones life. this reading will also help answer all questions that one may have.

some questions that people ask


finances grow?


find happiness?

new in my life?

  • Love 
  • Happiness
  • Travel
  • Family
  • Who will i marry?
  • Where will i 
  • Will my 
  • Do i have
  • When will i
  • What going on 
  • Phrenology ~ this reading will target whats on you're mind and help discover how to solve the problems you're fighting with
  • Numerology ~ This reading includes lucky numbers ~lucky days~ lucky colors
  • Crystal energy~ This reading includes a crystal and you're energy will transfer to the crystal providing us with information about where you're energy is.
  • Character~ This reading will provide you will information about you're self and how to accept you're energy
  • Turkish coffee~ cultural reading about you're family lineage
  • Tea leaf ~ a reading about changes in you're culture and where you're families energy is and how to remain in the cultural energy.

Astrological Zodiac


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